Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru   [ BEN129 ]

Anshuman Swain

        Hi! I am Anshuman Swain, a freshman undergrad at IISc. Everything that is logical and enthralling inspires me: be it science, arts or literature. Physics is my first love, but I have a big heart, having enough space for Chemistry, Biology and Computer science to be my likes. I am passionate about fine arts and poetry, and equally captivated by music. Well, in a nutshell, I love everything around me ( Oh yeah! Conditions apply )…



Avishek Das

        Hi, I’m Avishek, a 1st year UG student at IISc. I love everything about the natural sciences and nature. I am passionate about Chemical and Biological systems, and am intrigued by their diverse complexity. I spend my spare time reading fiction, listening to music and watching movies.

A Kushal 

        I am A.Kushal. I enjoy solving different problems belonging to varied fields of science (not biology). I love playing guitar and studying arts (like mathematics) in my leisure time.


Anurag K Limdi

        Hi, I’m Anurag, a 1st year undergraduate student at IISc. I am fascinated by molecular biology, evolutionary biology and ethology. I love music and play the piano. I play football and am a diehard Manchester United fan. I am also an avid golf enthusiast.