Read the Rules before you register

    1. A college may send any number of teams consisting of four students per team.
    2. All members of a team must be students of the same college.
    3. Team members must be from 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of B.Sc., B.Tech. or equivalent programmes. M.Sc. students or 4th year and above students of any integrated course are not allowed.

Sorry! Registration Closed for Mimamsa 2014

 Reminder of the dates

    The preliminary round will be held on 12th January 2014 (Sunday), from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The results shall be declared on or before 20th January 2014 at this website.

    The top four teams from four different colleges selected through the preliminary round shall proceed to the finals. No college shall have more than one team in the finals, irrespective of their performance in the preliminaries.

    Finals to be held on 15th - 16th February 2014 at IISER Pune.

Although efforts shall be made to allot teams to the centre of their choice, IISER-Pune reserves the right of assigning a team to a centre that is different from the one mentioned during registration. However, in all such cases, the teams shall be informed well in advance. Also, any venue with less than 5 teams at the end of registration; will be cancelled from the list.

Science Club, IISER Pune reserves the right to change any of the rules and regulations at any point of time without prior intimation.