Science Club of IISER Pune organizes Mimamsa.

About Science Club 

                Science Club of IISER-Pune is a student organization started in mid-November, 2007. The brain child of people who want to view science from their peer's perspective, the Science Club aims to bring to light concepts of science beyond what are taught in class. This is the core philosophy on which the Science Club was formed. What started off with weekly talks open for all, followed by heated discussions and debates among those present, has sprouted several new initiatives over time. The most prominent among them is the organization of the Science Quiz, MIMAMSA. The Science Club also organises the events held on the occasion of Science Day each year at IISER-Pune. The Science Club has been a part of the outreach program of IISER Pune conducting talks, lab tours and other interactive sessions for colleges in Pune with the aim of propagating Science Education among students.

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