UM DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai   [ MUM131 ]


Lamia Varawala

        Hi, I'm Lamia from my first love, Mumbai. I hope to be a physicist someday and am going through the second year of the becoming. Apart from physics, my interests lie in the fields of Computer Science and Humanities, Krav Maga and trekking. I am also learning how to speak Italian.




Vishal Padwal

        Hi, I'm Vishal. Apart from the obvious mathematics, my interests lie in music and event management. It is my interest in music that led me to start playing guitar. I love playing sports. In my free time I run the town to discover places to visit and eat.

Akshay Malwade  

        Hi! I am Akshay. I am studying basic sciences at UM DAE CBS. I like travelling, listening to music and photography. I enjoy being with friends. Nature and music inspire me, make me happy.


Duttatrey Srivastava

        Hello, I'm Duttatrey Nath Srivastava, currently pursuing an Integrated M.Sc in Mathematics at UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai. I am interested in anything intriguing, making my interest field go across many branches of science, including Algebra, Chemistry and Astronomy. Apart from that, I write fiction and work on any sort of literature and art(including Mathematics) that I find intriguing. Additionally, I am a Potterhead, if you know what I mean.